AWOL – Homage
Genre Rap


Homage lyrics


Live here straight from Mounta[in] View, the livest one representing LinkedIn to the fullest…
Devs be duck[in]' when AWOL be buck[in]’, code reviews get tough an’...

Verse 1

Back [in] ‘03, Reid sat closely with some other [in]novators
Made decisions that would drive my life decades later
He had his millions but rather than sit back and be a hater
He’d provide economic opportunity for both sides of the Equator
Now we cater to every person not just the chosen few
No diploma, but I still know a th[in]g or two
Jay had it right I quote l[in]es from Hamlet too
“This above all: to th[in]e own self be true”
Psychic like Abra, I go ham just like L[in]coln
And [in] this rap for you now I’ll pay homage to LinkedIn
We put the [in] [in]to [in]tern, there for you even when you s[in
You got us [in] your mouth every time you say “aga[in]”
You can’t th[in]k without us, we’re wrapped around you like your sk[in
We’re two thirds of what you need every s[in]gle time you w[in
You have to say us twice when you say [in]spiration
We’re the core part of an eng[in]e, never waver from our vision, LinkedIn…

Verse 2

Half of us is you, you’re the [i], nuclear fission
Com[in]g to work every day, it’s really not a tough decision
The core of imag[in]ation, m[in]ds so sharp we make [in]cisions
If you listen right we’re embedded [in]side of each “connection”
Our position: come out of your shell we call it the [in] slug for a reason
Feels like every Friday’s InDay or it’s a holiday season
It’s my job it’s just so satisfy[in]g and so pleas[in]’
The “In” is really short for “[in]n” as [in] the Four Seasons
We’ve got a genu[in]e [in]terest remov[in]g the world’s ta[in]t
We’re trying to help everyone, but that doesn’t make us sa[in]ts
And though we’re a part of it, we never say “a[in]’t”
[In]stead cover the world with positivity, we’re mixed [in] like we're pa[in]t
It’s nuts, I get paid to raise the careers of devs to the ceil[in]g
Wear it on my sleeve, it’s why I spill out what I’m feel[in]’
Feel[in]gs are embedded [in] my rapp[in] and it’s part of why I s[in]g
Oh, hell, let’s face it, LinkedIn is a part of everyth[in]g

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