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AWOL’s Rap Up!

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April 24, 2023

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#1 - Introduction lyrics

What up, Jam?
Going to introduce you to who I am
It’s my #1 Jam for the #1 Jam

It's "AWOL's Rap Up!" make you stumble, back up
Got so much knowledge, you'll pray I made a backup
Push so many tidbits these minutes'll stack up
Leadership and coding ideas'll blaze this track up
Your time is precious, I’ll spit data when I hack up
Get that double entendre? I make myself crack up
If it went over your head, duck and then quack up
Get you lifted like a car on flats, all jacked up
Unlimited content, I'll never have to pack up
Until I drop a zip file with all my Jams packed up
Make your head spin, make you look the facts up
Complex topics, never white and black, yup
Me and my skills live together like we shack up
My raps got teeth, give ‘em awards and put the plaque up
More high scores than you could ever rack up
I’m a Titan, ‘specially when I Attack clubs
Only calm down when I down a Prozac cup
Delegate a safe space, no callbacks corrupt
Original rhymes, don’t need others to mash up
When it comes to others, they can’t even match up
Only strike when I’m lit, you can spark the match up
And I don’t want to slam the record needle down so abrupt
But I’m off to make more content to disrupt
Ready to wrap this first Jam up ‘cause my time is up

Follow me here on Jam for random, bite-sized melodies
Not like other rappers not here rhyming about felonies
Leadership and engineering, what a pleasant synergy
Come back next time and bring your energy

See you next time!~

AWOL – #1 - Introduction

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