Verse 1Audrey Sherman

You can't always think that money is your happiness
You can't always think that your success will come quickly
You can't, [you can't] think that your fame will always be bright
Cuz, there's the rough things, then the tiring ones
Then everything that's going to fall apart
Even if everyone thought that you liked the cameras
Flashing in your face, flashing off at the wrong timing
Cuz, Fame Isn't Everything, fame, fame
It's also the long-breathless hours, of blood, sweat, & tears
Pouring out of yourself, ending up sleeping on the couch
In the recording room, at 3 AM in the morning

ChorusAudrey Sherman

Cuz your Fame isn't always everything
Fame, fame isn't always everything
Fame isn't everything, la, la, la
Unless you take the right steps
& Walk down the right path
Na, na, na, na, na, na
Not, not, always everything, not even to me

VerseAudrey Sherman

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