Atahan – Cry Now Laugh Later ft TZR
Genre Rap

Cry Now Laugh Later ft TZR

Feat. Nefit

On some real g shit, I havnt shed a tear like this before
I miss my brothers, in detention fuck the principal
I feel guilty for not saying it sooner, but the juice ain't worth it
So what happens when you keep on squeezing, no boost drink surfaced
We tell ourselves nah fuck an OP and fuck them dogs
When one of ours dies, we loose sleep like what the fuck went wrong
Im just being honest, I'm just being older brother that youngins
Needed to see and I'm on it, goals we leaning on our souls are going demonic
Lord save us, I just want Kayan to make into hеaven
We close our еyes and we praying, every day for our brethren
Take the time to honour, all the fallen soldiers
With clips that be loaded, and our hearts gone frozen
Im bringing out the best in me, all these ops less than me
The streets filled with jealousy, brother I made it my destiny
But life been stressing me, life been stressing me
Kayan lad, I ain't playing lad, I know you up in heaven
What you saying lad
Kayan lad, we still be praying lad
We know you watching us up in heaven
Its Tzr, aye
Let me take it back to JC, couple boys with big dreams
I can't believe that your gone now, but living on in our memories
Those streets kids aged thirteen, cloud nine we smoke green
No smart teens, but always came with that energy
Diversity, ethnicity, cultures mixed with unity
U.S to Polynesia, From Asia to the middle east
That brotherhood JCB, memories well never cease
Pour drinks for our day one, from Sydney to overseas
See Ata called and he told me, didn't know how to feel about it
Day one got gunned down and sitting here feeling dumbfounded
Shed tears but I soldier on, scream out but I move along
Reminisce down memory lane, your smile game was too strong
Your cheeky laugh contagious, fake smiles courageous
Smile through that bullshit say one day we gone make it
Say cheers as we celebrate, united here for our brother Kay
Live on till our time comes, then kickback to them old days
I miss you brah

Fuck a hard time I just wanna laugh witchu, three years sober
But ill puff and pass withchu, Kayan lad I miss you
The boys still miss you, pour out this rona for you
And say a prayer for you, My brother we adored you
I wish I could just call you, my first album for you
I built this from the ground up, I never thought you would leave
I wanna keep on rapping, never ending story and shit
We was meant to be on some warrior shit, never fall for a bitch
Some glorious shit brother, in the core of the spliff
And we smoking like the barrel of the shotty that hit you
Cry Now Laugh Later brother you know what it do
You watching over us just so them demons dont get through
Im not gonna say RIP, I thank God that I met you
Im not gonna say RIP, I thank God that I met you
Im not gonna say RIP

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