Astral Cloud Ashes – Where's My Passion Gone?
Genre Rock

Where's My Passion Gone?

I’ll look in the mirror for one entire week

And I took the old you to just get something to drink

You said how much I mean to you and you let me hide it

Where is the onus? because you own this now

That's fine

Press that button in time

If you do to just follow on

I can make it all alright

I can make it all unwind

In you’re nine

To just follow you

Slow down show me where the edge is

Freak out lick somebody eyelids

You know sometimes I’m barely listening at all

Big deal sucking on a lemon

Big blocks sitting’ in the mempool

Each day, Vitalik is on my mind

Where’s my passion gone? these rules are not wrong

There's only so much serotonin to go around

You said how much I meant to you and you left me high

You laid out what you had to do and you left me hided
You left us with our eyes all waking red

There's no reserves

You’re lying

These rails will be lines in time

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