Asian Doll – Talk Facts
Genre Rap

Talk Facts

Feat. Mula Gzz, Sheemy


Like what? Huh? what? [Huh
Like huh? Like what?
Like what? Huh? What? Like huh?
Like what? [Boom boom!
Like huh?
Like huh? [Uh uh
Huh? Uh

Verse 1Asian Doll

How you a gangster but stood on the stand?
Bitch you pussy, you really my fan
Dirty lil nigga, he snaking his friend
Ride with scammers, a free hunnid band
Bitches is lucky I’m not even playing
Imma beat her just know in advance
Get yo patna he stuck in the blend
Dissing Von cuz they made it s trend
Everything dead, it’s like everyone shot
Tweak with me you get put in a box
I’m in the Bronx and I’m making it hot
And you niggas was never my bop
Come to my show put the city on lock
Try to run up I’m letting it blop
Set a trend and you bitches gon cop
Queen of Drill who the fuck they gon stop?
Pretty lil bitch these hoes don’t like me
It’s a problem?
Send the addy, come fight me
Talking bout a nigga in my DM
Don’t write me
Internet bitch when you see me on site me
[Internet bitch when you see me on sight me
[On site me
[Internet bitch when you see me on site me
[Bitch come fight me
Ain't ducking no smoke
I got a temper, I’m letting it blow
If you my nigga you gotta get money
Can't fold under pressure
Can’t die so we tote
Been bout his money, get bread on the low
Swim with the fishes, we driving the boat
I’m with yo bitch and you don’t even know
I don’t give a fuck
A hoe is a hoe
That bitch, she pussy, she knowing whats up
Stop posting them stories and show me whats up
Dummy lil bitch only tough when she drunk
Ain't no cap in my rap, Imma knuck if you buck
Opp in the blunt, its a opp in the uh
Dissing my dead its a opp in the trunk
Off with your head, give me face, give me tongue
He ain't no gangster, he 12 and he run


These bitches mad I ain’t going out sad
Hood bitch but I been in my bag
All about the money, know I’m all about the cash
Blast off, lame bitches they last
Riding for a nigga but I’m steady seeing flags
Don’t like me, uh, I laugh
Three tecs, got Glocks, got masks
These bitches can’t rap, they ass

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