Ash Ketchum vs Yugi Muto [Extended + Remastered] – The infinite source
Genre Rap

Ash Ketchum vs Yugi Muto [Extended + Remastered]

Verse 1Ash Ketchum

Call me the master
I'm about to catch 'em all
It's time to show this chump
Just how to Poké Ball
I'll make it rain like a Blastoise
I'll leave you in my wake
You're the King of a Card Game
Bitch, Give me a break
In it since '97 and
I'm still going strong
You're a jealous little metro
'Cuz my Poké money's long
By the time this is done
I'll leave you six feet under
I'm electric on the mic
Now- Pikachu, THUNDER!

Verse 2Yugi Muto

Wait a minute, just a card game?
The opponents that I face
Would put your poképets to shame
It's time to duel
Shadow game stylе
You're a glorified zookeeper
And I think you'rе in denial
You're a has-been
You've fallen off the wagon
This will be like a Charmander
Versus Blue Eyes White Dragon
I've got the Millennium Puzzle
And you've got a Pokédex
This battle is finished
So give up, who's next?

Verse 3Ash Ketchum

Still playing with puzzles?
Wow, what a child!
I don't know whats worse
Your rhymes or your style
You spend your days playing
While I'm spending mine training
While your spotlight is waning
And your bank account's draining
Taking down beasts while
You're playing with toys
Been through so many gyms
You'd think my skills were on 'roids
I've got one final puzzle
That I need you to solve
Is Yami what happens
When Bitches evolve?

Verse 4Yugi Muto

The Millenium Puzzle is far from a joke
And the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise
Is lightyears from broke
You really wanna talk style?
Well that's the real joke
Because you look like a Jonas Brother
Having a stroke
Just look at your crew:
A guy who can't open his eyes
A rat for a dog
And a chick who looks like one of the guys
So hate on my style and hate on my fame
But don't hate the player
Just hate the game

Verse 5Ash Ketchum

Time has revealed the real truth
I'm a Juggernaut
All your former fans
Sold every Yugi card they bought
Home Run Hitting
While this Yugi's still swinging low
I know you cried yourself to sleep
As you watched Pokémon Go!

Verse 6Yugi Muto

It Poké-go into oblivion?
Yeah, I know it's coming soon
Beat you like a throw rug
Quick, someone get the broom
Yu-Gi-Oh rising
Yu-Gi-Oh owing
The Game King Captain
Poké de-throning

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