Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn

141 lyrics
Touch And Go Ernest Tubb Loretta Lynn
Touch And Go
Holding On To Nothing Ernest Tubb Loretta Lynn
Holding On To Nothing
Love Was Right Here All The Time Ernest Tubb Loretta Lynn
Love Was Right Here All The Time
Were Not Kids Anymore Ernest Tubb Loretta Lynn
We’re Not Kids Anymore
Twas The Night Before Christmas Loretta Lynn
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Silent Night Loretta Lynn
Silent Night
Jingle Bells Loretta Lynn
Jingle Bells
Where No One Stands Alone 2018 Version Loretta Lynn
Where No One Stands Alone (2018 version)
Coal Miners Daughter 2018 Version Loretta Lynn
Coal Miner's Daughter (2018 version)
Darkest Day 2018 Version Loretta Lynn
Darkest Day (2018 version)
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 2016 Version Loretta Lynn
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (2016 version)
Put If Off Until Tomorrow Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton Tammy Wynette
Put If Off Until Tomorrow
Still In The Ring Loretta Lynn
Still In The Ring
Mountain Climber Loretta Lynn
Mountain Climber
Youre Gonna Catch Heaven When I Get You Home Loretta Lynn
You're Gonna Catch Heaven When I Get You Home
Married Ladies Loretta Lynn
Married Ladies
One Man Band Loretta Lynn
One Man Band
Just A Woman Loretta Lynn
Just A Woman
Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me Loretta Lynn
Take Me In Your Arms (And Hold Me)
Ill Think Of Something Loretta Lynn
I'll Think Of Something
I Cant Say It On The Radio Loretta Lynn
I Can't Say It On The Radio
Wouldnt It Be Great 1985 Version Loretta Lynn
Wouldn't It Be Great (1985 version)
Stop The Clock Loretta Lynn
Stop the Clock
Walking With My Memories Loretta Lynn
Walking With My Memories
Touch Me with More Than Your Hands
Heart Of The Matter Loretta Lynn
Heart of the Matter
I Feel Like I Could Fall In Love With Anyone Tonight Loretta Lynn
I Feel Like I Could Fall In Love With Anyone Tonight
Starlight Starbright Loretta Lynn
Starlight, Starbright
I Dont Want To Hear It Anymore Loretta Lynn
I Don't Want to Hear it Anymore
Then Youll Be Free Loretta Lynn
Then You'll Be Free
Love The Day Away Loretta Lynn
Love the Day Away
Theres All Kinds Of Smoke In The Barroom Loretta Lynn
There's All Kinds of Smoke (In The Barroom)
Dont It Feel Good Loretta Lynn
Don't It Feel Good
Stronger Than You Ever Thought Id Be Loretta Lynn
Stronger Than You Ever Thought I'd Be
Until I Met You Loretta Lynn
Until I Met You
What Am I Gonna Do Loretta Lynn
What Am I Gonna Do
Cracker Jack Jewelry Loretta Lynn
Cracker Jack Jewelry
Everybodys Lookin For Somebody New Loretta Lynn
Everybody's Lookin' For Somebody New
I Dont Feel Like Living Today Loretta Lynn
I Don't Feel Like Living Today
Sometimes I Go Crazy Loretta Lynn
Sometimes I Go Crazy
Take Your Time In Leavin Loretta Lynn
Take Your Time In Leavin'
Cheatin On A Cheater Loretta Lynn
Cheatin' On A Cheater
The Fool Wouldnt Listen Loretta Lynn
The Fool Wouldn't Listen
I Should Be Over You By Now Loretta Lynn
I Should Be Over You By Now
It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Loretta Lynn
It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Ive Been Lonely So Long Loretta Lynn
I've Been Lonely So Long
Sweet Sweet Daddy Loretta Lynn
Sweet, Sweet Daddy
Naked In The Rain Loretta Lynn
Naked in the Rain
Between The Preacher And The Lawyer Loretta Lynn
Between the Preacher and the Lawyer
Lullabies To A Memory Loretta Lynn
Lullabies to a Memory
I Dont Feel at Home Anymore
I Wanna Be Free (2021 version)
It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Tayla Lynn
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
My Angel Mother 2018 Version Loretta Lynn
My Angel Mother (2018 version)
God Makes No Mistakes (2018)
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful
Fist City (2016)
Secret Love (2016)
Take Your Gun And Go, John
Im a Honky Tonk Girl
The Pill (Single Version)
The Church In The Wildwood Loretta Lynn
The Church in the Wildwood
Old Time Religion Loretta Lynn
Old Time Religion
Unclouded Day Loretta Lynn
Unclouded Day
Are You Washed in the Blood?
Wings Of A Dove Loretta Lynn
Wings of a Dove
You Want Me to Walk on Water
Lovesick Blues Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton Tammy Wynette
Lovesick Blues
Elzie Banks
Walk on Water
Your Used to Be
When Im in Love All Alone
Its Gone
My Loves Not a One Night Thing
Lyin, Cheatin, Woman Chasin, Honky Tonkin, Whiskey Drinkin You
Making Love from Memory
Deeper and Deeper
When We Get Back Together
I Shouldnt Enjoy (Enjoyin You So Much)
Save Me
Step Right Up and Break My Heart
I Wanted You to Leave (Until You Left Me)
If I Aint Got It (You Dont Need It)
Workin Man
Its Too Late to Love Me Now
No Love Left Inside of Me
My Conscience Goes to Sleep
True Love Needs to Keep in Touch
As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone Loretta Lynn
As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
Rated "X'
Delta Dawn
Take Me Home Country Roads Loretta Lynn
Take Me Home, Country Roads
I Wont Cheat Again on You (If You Wont Cheat on Me)
Fist City Loretta Lynn
Fist City
Beautiful Friendships
You Aint Woman Enough To Take My Man Loretta Lynn
You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
Ill Just Call You Darling