Armani White – GOATED.
Genre Rap


Feat. Denzel Curry

GOATED. lyrics

Lyrics From

Denzel Curry

Okay, I have reloaded

Armani White

Goated, goated, goated
Goated, goated, goated

Lyrics from

Armani White

Goated, goated, goated, me
I had to hit my designer for sneaks
Double dip mine in the bleach, I'm blanco, for sure
If I'm poppin down Miami beach, pull up like LeBron with the Heat [Huh
I bought a crib and a crib with an office chair
Beach half a mile, but I can't see me walkin' there
I whip a Tesla but it ain't no charger there
I call up Co and Brianna and park it there
Top Heat, Box seats, I'm watching Archer
The cop lights stop right next where my block at, trust fall
Beat, I might drop that, hits

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