Aressa – Do You Miss Me Too
Genre Pop

Do You Miss Me Too

Hey you
What you up to?
Miss you
Miss your smile too

What you thinking of?
I hope it’s me
You used to say that every time I asked
Away from you
But I still feel
Your heartbeat as if you are next to me

‘Bout what we had
You’re all I had

Pretty skies they mesmerise
But you thought I was better than the sky
Without you here
I feel the tears
It's running down my cheeks so very fast

Oh baby, don’t blame me
I’m sorry that I left
It hurts to remember
The good times that we had

I am thinking
About you and me
I used to say that еvery time you asked
Away from you
But I still feel
Your hеartbeat as if you are next to me

Bye bye
I still miss you
You miss me too
Don’t you?

Miss you, miss you
Miss you, miss you
Do you miss me too?

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