Kris, Xay, Z
We here
We here

Verse 1Apex Frazier

10 years in, brought the whole crew out
To pick a stack up, gotta put a stack down
God like son, better listen up now
Can’t settle for middle when you claim my child
Mmm that’s my man do
Feel like Grogu, he Mando
Satan tryna hurt you, He Man flow
You should know I got curfew, fee fi fo
I’m from the clouds
Is it stupid or genius?
Christian or heathen?
Can’t tell by demeanor
We steady ballin, and if you can’t see it
Then clean off your goggles, our reward form Jesus
He stay undefeated
Gave us this Godfidеnce to make a heatеr
I was in a bad place, Arctic for cheetahs
Went Super Saiyan, like I’m Vegeta
Don’t pretend you ain’t feelin this!
Been in the worst spot, know what healin is
Killin it, fillin it
While He fillin my cup
Pass on the gas and it got ‘em stuck
Can’t forget who He is, what He’s already done
Big God, big plans, he saved his son
So I told my guys, Ima make some vibes
To show these kids how much they loved
It’s Apex

Verse 2Xay Hill

It’s your boy Xay
Man I came from the worst of the worst
But now I’m gon’ live like the best of the best
Took every class I was passin’ the test
Showed ‘em I wouldn’t sleep I can not rest
Ay, walked through the valleys with evil on me feel like blessings, they rainin’ all over the kid
If they gon’ hate, they gon’ see me from come from the bottom to live up like I really win
Ay ay yuh
Man they hate to go see me live life
Ima live it like I’m walkin right
Ima do what I did it for Christ
Blessed and highly favored, hate that they hear it
I’m in a whip and my God, He been steerin’
I ain’t gon’ care what y’all say y’all ain’t with me
Nah nah cause y’all ain’t been winnin’
Ay, look in the mirror they seeing my face and there’s smiles all over the kid
Cause I done came from the trenches now I’m gonna walk like I’m livin’ in Godfidence


Christian Dior
I walk in Godfidence
I walk in Godfidence
I walk in Godfidence, my God He got me and He died for my sins
I can’t turn back again, I’m clean by the blood and I’m free to go live
Came from the worst of the worst
We had to work hard so the whole team could win
I pray that it works, now we fly out to your city and turn up for Him
I walk in Godfidence
I walk in Godfidence
Yeah yeah
Xay walk in Godfidence
Yeah yeah
Apex, he in Godfidence
I walk in Godfidence

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