Antigoddess – Turquoise beam
Genre Pop

Turquoise beam


Eyes are opened
Turquoise beam
Ultralight pressure
On my skin
The lines are connected
Like vessels in lungs
Nothing is over
Reconcile us

Measuring water
Perfection of slack
I’m wondering how
You still live like that
Nicotine tears
Don’t go back
I fell in abyss
Shivers get back, no…

I’m scared of loneliness
The fear of feeling
That moments again
Summer-days, nonsense:
I must stop thinking of thoughts hurricane

Atoms tear apart
My mеntal health
Breaks apart
All I want is to scream with thе gain:
“Leave me alone
I don’t want to stay”
It takes two to tango
But not in this way…

At the end of the day
When lights are gone
You drive to nowhere
To find your new love
She’s so damn pretty
Glares in her eyes
Assuming the plan
Truth never dies

I don’t know the person
I don’t know the text
But something so loud
Tells me to tell:
She’s not the goddess
You really need
Behave like a lover
Inside you’re freak!

She has my eyes
Still turquoise beam
You love em so much
I can’t even tell
But those summer feelings
I brought to your life
She’ll never make you
Shine so fucking bright

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