Anthropia – The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Terrestrial Time
--- July 2012 6th ---

[fallen angel] Somehow, it seems that my increasing anger, my will to turn away from Him, and above all the almighty desire between me and #7237 to meet up, created a vortex between the two worlds... Our 2 entities unite at last and I can embrace her with all my strength and love, we won't be separated ever again. We are now both under a starry dark night in a strange and verdant garden, with a huge illuminated tree in his centеr...
Is this the final test for mankind?

[#COTÐm-52899] As Revеlation told us
The apocalypse has begun
An open portal fills the sky
Leading to the tree of life

[#COTÐm-52899 & #Nλχ-7237] 24 thrones in the sky
Are paying tribute to the one
He stands among the seven stars
A sharp two edged sword out of his mouth

His eyes ablazed as a flame of fire
Lightning, thunder, voices rise
Four beasts full of eyes behind
A lion, a calf, an eagle and a man

[#COTÐm-52899] The breach occurred due to our love
The new physical element yeah
Finally able to touch your hand

[Him] I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the ending, the one who is, the one who was, the one who is coming, the almighty

[#Nλχ-7237] Wrapping bliss, this time for real
Our tangled souls warm up again
Astral mating so fusional

[#COTÐm-52899 & #Nλχ-7237] Hand in hand
Like this doomed evening
Beyond the gate
Leading to the Garden of Eden

Snake, tempt us
Forgive us [God
Tree of life
Feed us now!

[#COTÐm-52899] The consensus is now broken
All the souls gather
And drift away far from Earth
Without return, never...

[#Nλχ-7237] Like a new Eve and Adam
We condemn our race, doomed our children
[#COTÐm-52899 & #Nλχ-7237] Forced to abandon our ground
Bid farewell to the Garden of Eden!

[Cherubims] All is lost his word has been spoken
The eight day he destroyed all his work

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