Another Joe – S.C.P.
Genre Rock


Verse 1

If there's something wrong with this face
That you have seen
If there's something wrong, then it seems to me
You can leave me here, you can leave me here
With the truth
And you know that you went ahead
And raped my youth

Verse 2

Weeks gone by and not a call
Not a sign from you
And you know that I'm likely better off this way
Pins and needles shooting through this body
Through this arm
And you know that you fucked my whole life away


Well I sit here, feeling S.C.P
Can't control this
Feeling over me
With my whole life just wasting away
And you know that it's probably just me

Verse 3

Nothing else I can say, nothing еlse that I can do
I can grin and bare and smile thеn evade the truth

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