Anonymuz – Off Day Freestyle
Genre Rap

Off Day Freestyle


Everything good on my off day
I need 4 rings when a nigga start ballin
Cause they try to play me like Bron play
So I gotta wild like Deontay
I feel the love but its all fake
You gettin left and Im tryna get right so its lookin like we gotta part ways
Y’all got a ways to go
Thats why my bitch got a doll face
She look at you boys with a dog face
Cause she in good hands like Im All State
Insured on my hip so we all safe
Fuck nigga I do this all day
It’s gon be a long night
But nigga right now its a long day
Better get back
Never been passive with a fuck nigga yeah I never did that
Id rather get vengeance, madder than Kendrick
Get me out my element, a nigga get slapped
Nigga relax, you killin the tempo
Fuck nigga watch what I do with this pencil
All up in your head like this shit was Memento
Cause bodyin the beat, the only thing that I’m meant for, yeah

Ay, and I got yo bitch tonight

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