ANNALIA – Whatever Forever
Genre Pop

Whatever Forever

Verse 1
Two sided, got mine
You got yours, it’s a whole nother narrative
Blindsided, can't hide it
Push me away, it’s all gettin so repetitive

Pre Chorus
Gaslight, so bright
That I don’t realize what you’ve been doin
Hindsight, cold nights
Leave me so easy like there’s nothin to it

Are we gonna be whatever forever
Stringing me along like I could ever hold you together
I don't wanna be whatever forever
I got better things to do, never said I wanted you
Forever, whatever

Verse 2
Just saying, I’m done playing
You think you’re so low key with the moves you’re makin

You say I needed you babe
But it was all in your head
Say i’m the one to blame
I’m not alone in this bed, in your bed, in my bed

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