Anju – Cassiopeia
Genre Acoustic, Pop


Messages on clementine rinds
For once in my life I don't know how to feel
You taste like pennies
And that's alright with me

The both of us are breathing
In each other's ears
Our secrets speak different languages
Still your whisper's clear

With you I feel grapefruit juice
Running in my blood
I'm just a little confused
What to think of us

Am I dreaming
Is it even you
Kiss me blue
Like the dragons in the parking lot
Ever heaving, flames and thеn exhaust

Constellate our fеars with cinnamon sticks
Let's connect the stars
Help me hold the heavy parts of a heart
Feel me from afar
Many moons of waiting on a steady sun
Now I freeze in fear
Merge our fingernail horizons
Swear you'll catch my tears

Maybe sometime you can teach me
How to hold on to your hand
Maybe next time when I'm bleeding
I can call across the sand

And when the ocean takes the lipstick from my face
Might you be there
And as I'm walking empty steps in place
Will you hear my prayer

Am I dreaming
Is it even true
Show me what I'm meant to do
Like the angels in the submarine
We hold water with our weighted wings

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