Animetiddays – Pittsburgh Rappers Freestyle
Genre Rap

Pittsburgh Rappers Freestyle

IntroLondon Yellow
Hey, it's Tone Baloney
Aye yo y'all know what's goin' on
This is that shit from the steel mill, shmog shity
I'm here with my white nigga Animetiddays
The saddest nigga in Pixburgh

Verse 1London Yellow

The best rapper in Pixburgh [Yeah
Pittsburgh rapper Facebook group
I'm friends with all the old heads [Yeah!
They won't let me join RGB [You're old
Out rap my nigga Stephen
Clap his cheeks for no reason [Yum
Debora boring radio station got me not breathin' [I'm sleep
I tried to hit up Scarfella and lost a brain cell [Deadass
When will these old ass niggas realize that they kinda smell [No cap
You can thank me for making your silly group chat so swell [No cap
If you think I'm bad at rapping you can burn in heck

Verse 2Animetiddays

I'm chillin' with Aelita
I got her smokin' reefer [Reefer
Pittsburgh rapper group chat [Facebook
Ask around I'm all dat
Got dumped on for no reason
Broke as fuck, I'm not eatin' [Starvin'
Pills for lunch, I'm geekin'
Can't trust a bitch I can't [Toxic!
Can't trust a bitch I can't [Toxic!
This song will manifest
And bring me with the rest
Flexin' Tony Romo
These hoes be kinda cute tho' [Simp!
I'm simpin' for a goth hoe [Simpin' for a goth hoe]

Verse 3TheyCallMeJeff

Debora's bad at talkin shit
She's on my pee-pee, Mississipp
Debora please just get a grip
You're totally lost like Fblthp
I checked out your station and I kept on pressing skip
You floatin' in my waters, I'ma sink your battleship [I'ma sink your battleship, right quick!
Your editing skills are horseshit
Give you Photoshop lessons for four cents
Make your insults make more sense
If you're gonna roast, I wanna be burnt crisp [Burnt crisp
Oh well, bye bye, gotta go, got Magic to play
My Magic songs are better than everything here, it's tragic to say [Oh well]


I got that fire
I got that fire
I got that fire
I got that fire
I got that fire
I got that fire

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