ANGRYFACE – Somehow, Someway

Somehow, Someway

it ain’t so easy to take
Another L
Win or lose and I’ll keep trying my way
I formed a spell, I bet this music make you rock to my pace
It’s hard to tell that you been through it from the smile on your face
A couple beers when Trouble brewing
Found it at a young age
He saw the end then took his fears out the cage
A loss of friends
I guess we differ taste
The thoughts of man
How much time did waste?
It all depends
What you been offered to break
Can’t harbor any feelings that I’m anchored in
Tanking once again
Tankary in my cup of sin
rolling up my sleeves
Company, keep em close to me
Love don’t have no ends
No pretends, hopped a fence of that fake shit
Shaking, and sleeping was a dub when my uncle passed
My bitten cuticles to indicate the thoughts I have
I missed the funeral, cause I was stressing over class
My priorities, hope his spirit watching over me
Love is all we need, what I want, take control of me
But I’m just man, left to bleed shouting woe is me
Openly, make away, don’t wait for man to make you free
Pre Chorus [x] Diva:
Someway, Somehow
Got to find the answers from my past if I'm allowed
If I did this, would it be different now?
Living for the moment
Had to learn this from my doubts
Take it back, take it back
I'd be smarter if I take it back
Living for the moment can we make it last? [make it last, make it last]

Tell my family that i love em right now
Cause IDK what May hit me tomorrow
And I know we gotta make it somehow
Can’t see the light when I’m drowning in my sorrows
I pray to God he got some time that I can borrow. 
To make it right
To make amends
It all depends
I’ve seen the light
I say it proud
I can’t pretend

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