Anemic Breeze – Clockwise
Genre Rap



[Anemic Breeze Verse]

[Verse 1]

Coronavirus got us trippen but I ain’t even slipping
They use it as a coverup for the politicians
Hold on to my plans while my fingers grippen
Ima secret nerd call me peter griffin
Exercise my mental like I’m weight lifting
Red, white, and blue, like Detroit pistons
America gone wild, like a hot mistress
Glued to the phone, for a Twitter mention
My grandpa said hе loved me beforе his heart dismissed
I’m waiting on my chance to become different
I’m soul searching for love like the never ending
Expressing how I feel then she becomes distant
Pursue something big, open up a business
Invest into myself with a dollar & cents
People rather buy cars, I think thats ignorant
Waiting for my time, I’m feeling uplifted
I’m always on my grind like tony hawk
15 years old I heard my homie got popped
The streets is contagious, he could never stop
People lost everything and never gave up
The opportunity is around the corner, be patient
Don’t get caught up ina wild, steady slangin
It’s rules to life, while you’re segregated
Snakes ina grass, you bound to feel hatred
People look for a handout, when they feel you made it
That’s a opportunist, they want a piece of the plate and
Never give up on, what you started on
At the end of the day remember you’re alone
Written by: Anemic Breeze
Engineered by: Anemic Breeze
Produced by: Anemic Breeze
Beat by: Anewdimension

-TheNxtGen Matters Entertainment

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