Amorphous solids – Catastrophe
Genre Rap


Verse 1c4pri

Just killed a member of God, that is called blasphemy
He said stuff about me so I caused a terrible tragedy
Stop giving me attitude, I don't like your mentality
He wanted a disaster so I left him with a catastrophe
Shotgun shells shooting at your face, that's a bad casualty
You say you record in a studio but you use Audacity
Why are all these haters dragging me down just like gravity
Awaken all the minds of people sleeping on reality
You cannot run from me, you cannot escape from agony
If I lived without you in my life, I would live happily
Amorphous solids worldwide, thеy watch us internationally
They ask me how I did it, I cannot givе them the strategy

Verse 2mycorpsebride

Holding my gun sideways so the bullets hit him diagonally
Ask me how I get these racks, I do it so unnaturally
Shot him in the back and now that boy is screaming frantically
Let's try to think this through, yeah let's try to do it rationally
I think he needs some lotion, yeah that boy he has some ashy feet
I came up on my own, yeah I did it unilaterally
Keep my bros up in the front, keep my haters to the book
I'm not a fan of World Wars, I just wanted international peace
Step out and I'm dripping, yeah you know I did it fashionably
They told me up the pole, and I said I'd do it happily
I am not a mime, yeah these haters are not matching me
Posted with your bitch, yeah I'm inside of her vaginally
Posted with my cousins, and you know we're watching happy feet
Beam up on his toes, now he looks like the penguin from happy feet
Cause the penguin from happy feet, remember he like he tapped his feet and stuff
Cause like the the beam's on his his feet so he's like
[Amorphous solids
[Footlong bangers, bitch]

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