Genre Rap


Feat. OnlyOneTwo

How you up and they down
It’s family ties wit me and mine
Left crib I needed mine
I ain’t forget ya number you deleted mine
Fake niggas I just read the signs
Back then you believe it huh
Can’t believe I’m succeedin huh
Family matters make the hits and we share status
Get one life can’t pass us so I’m al in my zone to labels

Call and we mute phone we even talk send song so ppl feel like you did em wrong
Tunnel vision what I been up own
It’s family first and I did it for em
Nothin person I’m busy tourin

Fuck is up wit tht i get them packs and run em
Back u kno me
I stay low key you cross me
Please don’t go do that
I stayed humble I ain’t fumble wit rack
Momma whip hundred stack when I get it
She get it she always knew gifted
Shit was hard temptin broke laws wit decisions
My morals compass I had kicked in
It was hard wit this pigment and way livin
All pain kept driven now paint got drip in

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