AMCdupri – Many Men Freestyle
Genre Rap

Many Men Freestyle

Many men wish death upon me new FN give em IV all racist shit don’t try me won’t let em take my life away
Put a hole in nigga for fuckin wit me
Is ya third open dawg we gone see
They pull you over new V and they come take ya life away lawd knows I don’t

I mean this shit is really wack
It’s all black and white
Shot that man his back so now I slp wit my strap a night bad thoughts so many corpses ona the TV and people acting blind shit more than Stevey
Death don’t look easy
Cuz this shit been hard to watch
Stepped on that man neck into his heart stopped
This wht HOV meant when madе hardknock 
This for anybody wit a son or even daughter it ain't trump or bеing no muthafuckin a supporter
It’s abt a Devine source and how he really adore us
What god wasn’t perfect and sometimes he ignored us
Now that's some think abt

A couple publications adding to my bank account
I been on my paper me my niggas love eat and we dem plays in droughts
Pops told me I’m grown man I got some shit to think abt just kno I ain't playin
I’m on grind fuck the clout
Rather go and get it energy different
Hennessey sippin I’m ona mission
I work and work for ma kid
My bitch she need that Firkin
But they see the vision
I’m that diamond inthat dirt that ain’t been found it’s gone hold the same value when when you dig me out ground nigga talk all that shit man you niggas clown
But I really been it you should ask around
I been really on some shit like ain’t
No backing dwn you got black queen make sure she holdin rounds bcuz they gone
Mistreat her when u not around
That’s real shit I kno you feel this

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