AMCdupri – LettingMeDown
Genre Rap


I cnt be messing around I’m tired u lettin me let me down

Recka the mecca a sound two on the beat ouuu it’s a vegetable now ..

I feel impeccable guess who ain’t sweatin now ..

You ain’t abt action u mite as well getchu a cap and gown

I’m after racks they callin my phone give tht cat

Bt is rather take me knee like I’m Kap

Foreign sea yea we on map

Bird eye view bt we in trap

John wick keano reeves wit the strap

Hoe keep callin

But i can’t bе fuck around I got me bag and perfectеd sound soon as jack sparrow on niggas oh they treasure u now switched up the editick like latenze Tate it’s dead president pinky out I got edicate

How couldchu ever think.. miss out ever if u ever blink big smile when I left the bank ASAP bitches pink go ahead let me they actin different when present now

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