Genre Rap


Soon as regergatate they increase murder rate
Now it's time load safe
Don't make do it to niggas better they place
Before I pop up wit the OMen face to I
Jug I’m sick no religion or corona case
Don’t get twisted like bad Meniscus
I’m goin for lavish livin rags to riches
If you ain’t family then we tax em different
Grew off Ms. Gladiess and pip so I’m Mackin different move numbers wit the squares my niggas mathematicians bad condition weed price wеnt up we bag different ma niggas еpic flow so I be laughin wit it they can’t stop me no matter Whtchu do you can't top me unless you a chick then sloppy up north you ain’t no plug if you ain’t Papi just to get by the talib Kweli or Ali I body

Anybody that think godly
It’s gone take more then vicious agenda to try to stop me ima go and get it off commitment and conviction that’s why every verse sound like I’m living out my sentence few make it wit this pigment but I’m relentless I'm bout business I’m out trenches a alchemist same shoes you couldn’t walk mile on it my mind different my soul so I shine different it’s ultra volume I pin wit some niggas and mad Asylum didn't kno I was crazy til wreck and two had em writin passion lited
Try and do us and it’s all viscous well petition
Shots a full prescription every time I record in the A it’s a Georgia launching I bring clip and a full extension

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