Amber London – Unreleased Freestyles

Unreleased Freestyles

Unreleased Freestyles lyrics

Untitled Freestyle #1

Amber London, BRK
Shout out all my 305 niggas

I’m riding thru tha city, tryna do my own thang
I’m smokin’ like a hippie, damn my fuckin’ phone rang
It was my lil boo, askin’ me to come thru
But i’m steady smoking trees, lettin’ back the sunroof
But we do what we want to, on the one-two
Told him he can bring some bitches, cuz that shit be fun too
I be creepin’ on tha low, while i’m sippin’ on tha 4
You wasn’t gettin’ it befo’ so just sit and hit the do-
Cuz when ya bitch get tha dough, you know you like it
Cuz you fuckin’ wit a pro, and you know you like it
Frontin’ like a lil ho, but I know you like it
When you call back, that’s how I know you like it
Get excited when we light it, he get high just like a kite
And I like it cuz he lovе it, he place nothin’ elsе above it
Imma lil bitch put some it, and we tryna get right
Mixed sprite, till you see that mothafucka’ get right

Ion know about you hoes, only know about mine
Bitch i’m always on tha grind, plus tha go gotta shine
I be in tha cutest clothes, but i’m holdin’ that nine
Ion fuck wit you hoes, ion fuck wit yo kind
Bitch you steppin’ outta line, but you so outta time
Cuz I got that .44, I let it go at yo spine
Bitch I say what’s on my mind, imma talk that trill
You a fake bitch, and he won’t call back still

When yo bitch hit tha do’ you know it’s real
Ion fuck wit you hoes, and i’m so for real
I be doin’ what a real bitch supposed to feel
We coast to coast, but my niggas come close to kill
Raider Klan is the clique, hoe
From the get-go
Make a slutty hoe get low, for my kin folk
Rollin’ wild, takin’ in smoke
Bitch I been dope
I wrote until my pen broke, rest in peace Pimp do’
You know you like it
You know you like it
You know you like it
You know you like it

You know you like it
You know you like it
You know you like it
You know you like it

Untitled Freestyle #2

Y’all nigga know what it is
We comin’ thru tha mothafuckin’ door, nigga
All my niggas know what i’m doin’
Uh, I told y’all niggas give me time, bitch
I’m comin’ right thru yo mothafuckin’ door

Yeah bitch it’s me, and i’m comin’ thru tha door [door
Amber London stunnin’ I ain’t ever been a ho [no
Ridin’ wit my niggas, all black we too legit [jit
Ridin’ wit my niggas, so whatchu see is whatchu get [bitch
Underground killa ho, we straight from outta six [six
I’m ridin’ down tha block, but i’m still bumpin’ Triple Six
You high, but you get hit, because my niggas do not miss
Do not risk yo life, wit dem niggas who ain’t rich
Smokin’ sip tonight, we gon’ drift until we lift
Paint so wet, that it drip, but ho it ain’t fo’ you to slip
If you do, then i’m snatchin’ we come thru, and we matchin’ wit my niggas who blowin’ tha sco’
Bringing tha phonk
Pistol packing, I ain’t slackin’
I stay low, to da game but never told it
I stay floated, all gold
I go hard, I just exploded
How I wrote it, I’m the coldest
Better know it or get told bitch

Untitled Freestyle #3

Yuh, bitch
If I tell yo ass tha sco’
We gon’ ride, we gon’ roll
See my bitches got tha dro’ and they be high at every show
Out da back, Cadillac
Strap in my lap, you could get clapped
With this hammer bitch, so please don’t make me snap
Wit my boys, we make noise, cuz we real
Top down, ‘84 pokin’ out tha wheel
Smokin’ on that killa, I stay locing out some shill
A bitch gon’ keep on goin’ hard, but they stay hoping i’m gon’ peel
My eyes open, and I feel like i’m bout to make a meal
Stop to take a deal, top drop to makin’ weed, I’m feeling like a roster
But my choppa turn yo brain into a pasta
I’m something like yo papa, knock it off or you get popped up
I’m tha baby, tryna stay from getting locked up
These streets ain’t got no pity for a bitch, I keep my Glock up
And if you try to play me, hope you stay from gettin’ shot up
You hit tha ground and never got up, you not tough
I tried to tell ya
They say “hell yea” when I say “you want familiar?”
Ridin’ wit my bitches, and you know they don’t feel ya
Bitch i’m smokin’ green, I stay clean, not no filter
Trunk tilt up, it’s Mathilda ridin’ apple over silver
I’m a real bitch I still try to keep it civil
Sprite purple drizzle, spark the blunt until it sizzle
And fuck who you is, ho i’m sippin’ on this lean
And nigga fuck you mean, i’m tha underground queen
Cuz i’m so drop dot clean

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