Alone Now – Young Misty
Genre R&B

Alone Now

IntroShiloh Dynasty

Don't give up on me
No no
I'm all alone than you is
I can feel the pain

ChrousYoung Misty

I'm so sad that you left me alone now
I found out that you cheating on me now
I can't say you stupid, I'm like a Cupid
I'll never get with you, I'm not saying you a toothpick

VerseYoung Misty

I'm all sad, so sad that you been bad
All alone, I can't be mad
But I'm all so sad, I can't fuck up a bad bitch
'Cause I'm just so numb, unlike a bad chick
Girl that got you fucked up, pictures of music
Family hates me, just 'cause I'm not stupid
My eyes are all cried out, and now I know what love feels like
She won't show me some love, now I'm all iced out
If a nigga mess with me, I'll beat him
Now I'm gonna show my fans so love, just treat 'em

Chrous 2Young Misty

I can't feel the same, I can't feel my body
I lost all of my fame, why have you taught me
I am all alone now, I'll miss her
I can't get ready to work, I'll never see her

OutroShiloh Dynasty

Don't give up on me now
I'm all alone now
Just don't leave me
I can feel the pain
Don't give up on me

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