Alone – Metalecalec
Genre Rap


Verse 1:Metalecalec
Yeah, I know a couple of women
Alterior motive, I seem to be winning
But since the beginning, I think that I’m doing it
Walking thru doors and I’m getting the shoe to fit
Everything changed for the boy, a lot
Really breaking in, gotta Pic the locks
In, let em in, Ina game, letterman
Really feeling like I’m better then
Musically, it’s bruizing me, a newer me
Be thinking that, it’s scrutiny, but truthfully
It’s beautifully done
Watch what they doing, it’s stupidly dumb
Fucking with me cause they know that I got
I’m more than a 10 but I never be robing
I’m popping in places, I can’t pronounce
Ya girl like a join getting passed around
When I’m not around, better fear me
Fear what I’m doing, know that I’m coming
Know that I’m me, with no discuizez
Know the hate be multiplying
Can’t control it
I know what I feel, I’m knowing that I show it
Confidence is key and it’s something that I’m holding
That’s for real
Sawing thru my fears, and I do it with my skils
I know life’s a bitch, on my neck I feel her heals
Pushing down, fell the pressure
But I’m going never stopping
Consider this my letter like

I know the world tryna penetrate my soul
Never been a fake but I know
I just demonstrate while I go
It’s only me, and I’m better off alone like

Verse 2:Metalecalec
I think that my mind, really be lying, telling me that it’s all good
But I’m looking around and I see what see
I been working so hard and I don’t even think
That I’m feeling the same, but I really just now
That I’m feeling my pain, really just injected
Been collecting, reminding me
Dark thoughts really finding me
My grandmother really getting sicker
My old girls, still feeling bitter
All of this really while I’m getting bigger
Will I reach a point and wanna pull the trigger
Like fuck
Reach the top and get stuck
Reach the top and just stunt
Feeling lost in my life, it’s personal
But to people I be seeming merciful
Everything really been going and going
There’s really no sign, that it’s ever just slowing
It down
Knowing it now
Know that I see them, I’m going around
Got no time for an outsider
Gased up, really getting higher
Try to tell me that I’m on fire
But I grew a custom, got custom attire
For dis
Knowing I’m dis
All of them really be dead to me
Never ahead of me
That’s for the ones when they really be threatening
Know that it’s setting in
Like a sedative, but I’m better than
What you falling for, lil bitch
I’ma stay the same while run the game
Ain’t I ain’t Eva never gone switch nah

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