All the seasons, remind me of you – Bedbug

All the seasons, remind me of you

Verse 1

If a new person each day, in two years I'll be brand new
Travel to Mexico like I always said I would and
Live quietly, But maybe
All I really need's to grow wings and leave this-
Leave this place for good, take you with me
Take that song out
Says I, want to be a kid again
Good things come to an end-
Good things come to an end, I'm just so bad at endings

Verse 2

Hope you end up where you're the happiest
Hope I never hold you back from that happiness
Know your sights they soar right past me
I know we hate to think about it, but I know you won't forget me
Maybe another three years we travel endlessly just like you
Always wanted from me
Maybe another three after that
Call each other family, through another party for the
Friends we made in college and through music
We don't keep in touch well, that's to be expected
Maybe we could just go away together
Pretend like no place else exists

Verse 3

You want to go to Europe
The sights were always different
Maybe in a few weeks I'll take this all down
Forget I even wrote this
It's probably for the better
We can just ignore it, we both know how this story ends
You will go away for good, my wings won't grow fast enough


I'm just so bad at endings, never getting better
I'm just so bad at endings, I'm never getting better
Maybe that's okay though

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