All In – Stallion

All In

Blue jeans and leather
Aiming for a straight flush tonight
Will you be my queen, already?
A good gamble's what i like
Keep on rolling the dice
Rolling the dice - rolling the dice

“We're going all in tonight” - alright!

I put on my poker-face
I'm holding my hands close to the chest
It's all or nothing
I got a backup in my vest
In my vest - screwing the rest

Cold sweat running down my neck
I'm down to my last chips but there is no turning back
The game just isn't going well surely not as planned
I never seem to get a damn decent hand
There is so much at stake my hands start to shake
I tricked them all but i'm afraid my bluff is gonna break
I wonder what a pair of deuces in the end might bring
It's too late for bailing out i'm going “all in”

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