Verse 1Alcott

They say the devil, he prey on the weak
Lost young man, he ain't prayed in some weeks
Maybe some monsters from years, he ain't got no faith
'Cause he thinks it's a waste and now he has to face
All the sum of his fears, he thinkin' 'bout runnin' from here
But he ain't got nowhere to go, nah
He hates getting sober, every day at his place getting doped up
He thinks that he may overdose, woah
He on the clockin' to pay his bills, but he probably poppin' prescription pills
And he's awfully often just sitting still, only thing he feels
Is some really big fits of a deep depression
She don't want a part of it, so his girlfriend left him
So the prominent thought of it is a grovellin' hominid
Is what got her to the very opposite of blessing, look
Yeah, fall back now
Pop that drink, this lower sack now
Wanna end it, know it's fairly simple, he get the barrel to temple
But then he put the Mac down, passed out
Blacked out on the floor of his own apartment
Rock bottom, got nothin' but a soda market, broken-hearted
So departed from the world that to Satan he's an open target
Goin' off the deep and he's seekin' for some type of beacon
To lead him to life he been dreamin' about
He don't care if it's Jesus or demons
And he see no reason to choosin' between 'em
'Cause he isn't even certain what he can believe in
Or if he is meanin', 'cause when he was young
And his dad used to beat him, the prayers he repeated
Didn't work, so he severed all this, deceive him
And now he gon' play with the Ouija and frequent a gypsy
'Cause she said one day he will lay up in Fiji
If he gave her fifty a week for her readings
Too easy to choke and to squeeze out opponents, formidable
With a goal that is simple, though, tryna make him lonely and miserable
Or just take his soul to get rid of him
Or just kill him at the minimum
So with the bitch of all rituals, he invited 'em in
Started wakin' up every night at 3 A.M
Said "If you can hear me in the dead of the night
Take me out this livin' hell to a hell of a life
Send me a wife, mansions, postcards, all-black"
He ain't worried 'bout the drawbacks
Heard the demons were dangerous and all that
But when he reached out to 'em, he didn't know they'd talk back

Verse 2

And that's all-black, he might've fought that, all that
Demons comin' to me, come in swingin' like a ball bat
Most flat, got me reachin' for the Ouija board
It made me heed me, Lord, and give me evens card, never thought that
This is for whatever talk back
I was in the kitchen, get the Ouija and I'm able
Lit a couple candles on the mantle, I'll be damned
If I keep livin' like a bum, only crumbs on my table
"Who is this callin'? Who summoned me?"
Oh, does this Ouija really f***in' work?
"Oh, what you thought? It was some kind of a game?"
I don't know, but my girl left and I was just hurt
She took my heart and threw it in the dirt
Got me thinkin' about my life and what it's worth
"My crew there can lock a b**** up, get to work
I'm 'bout to make a diamond out of dirt"
Okay, what do I do? 'Cause I'm goin' berserk
Talkin' to a demon and I'm zoomin' to repent
And I ain't got no money, it ain't funny when you're lookin' like a dummy
On the first and you cannot pay the rent, I mean, I ain't got a cent
So what do I repent?
Can you help me up? Because my pockets' filled with lead
He turned around and laughed at me, told me everything, that it was blasphemy
Askin' me will I go and sin?

Verse 3Alcott

Okay, will he go and sin, will he go another min'?
Will he give up on everything and let the devil win?
Now he's havin' second thoughts when he heard the devil talk
And he's wishin' that he had turned to the reverend
But he's in too deep, the center D's enmity is indiscreet
The process is incomplete
Until he handed him his soul on a dinner tête-à-tête
And he rather not have known that it's in, you see
He got himself in a mess, and then when he back in the presence
He wanted hell, man, he wasn't tryna let him possess him
And now he's checkin' into hell, offer beggin' for heaven
He tryna tell him "Never mind", this ain't what he expected
But the demon wouldn't hear it
Never really should have been dealin' wit' a spirit, now he sees he should fear it
That's when he heard from the venomous voice
Said "It's too late now, you ain't gettin' a choice"

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