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December 27, 2019


Intro: Estee Nack
Yeah (Yeah!), oh!
Ayo, son

Verse 1: Estee Nack
Niggas show fake love (I ain't believin’!)
They never give a fuck if we was a-aight (For real!)
Fuck the poltics, I break niggas readin' they rights (Woah!)
You ain't got a leg to stand on, let the fans on (Brr!)
I’m lookin' for a stripper I could land on (Woah)
I wanna tag along (Aha!), homie, you had it wrong (For real!)
Nackie Chan, that's where I belong
Hammer just like a atombomb (Boom!)
Homie, take a couple steps back (Yeah)
'Bout to drop the next bag, lettin' the bread stack (Ad-lib)
Bundles of the best crack (Woah)
My niggas said "Omasi" (Woah!)
Terry gloss (Yеah!)
Pistons in the palette through thе head of a Nazi, wild posse
Send us to critic for stupid niggas to copy (Stupid!)
Coca kamikaze, Columbian corridor coffe (Woah!)
Copter run, now I'm saucin' (Sauce!)
My bitches bossin', when we fight the feelin’ if it’s a loss, but fuck it, (Fuck it)
Might get all this money, and I ain't buckus (Yeah!)
Why the ruckus, son, do you think I’m the nigga that used to try your luck with (Know I mean?)
Example of a society, just currupted (Damn)
Drivin' slow in the cut (Woah!)
It's mathematics, acompte us, abundance

Bridge: al.divino
(Doot-doot-doot-doot-doot!), ayo-yo (Doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot), ayo

Verse 2: al.divino
Put things in proper perspective
Pop in the west, knock a western, get shot like tennis (Boaw-boaw, boaw-boaw-boaw, boaw!)
Shots back and fourth like tennis, timid (Bing, bing, bing, bing-bing)
Patty hockeys, the ten percent of the pure get a test kit (Woo!)
Whip he X6 like a bucket, lost sweater with the crest on it
Stretch all (Yeah), I made a Pocket Rocket
?, models skin-tone: mocha (Ay!)
Plenty options
Really long, blend the coca in the cut like a painter with colors
We came from nothin', now we doin’ numbers (Boo-boo-boo-boo!)
None did them fucks who used to get infront it
Now bitches suck me in a SIA700 (Woo!)
Cover detail
Product we sell double the retail price (Facts!)
Need a garabage pale for the white on the scale
Ya type, get the red on sight (Bing-bing, bing, bing!)
It's light work
Neither one of us got a gun, let's see who get knifed first
Poltergeist in the tri-color polo goose stripes sleeves with the iceberg (Cartoon!)
My life like a blurrin' sorround shit (Yeah!)
Dimes who tref, hunnid dollar outfits on
Can't leave my dick all on the loud lid (Boaw!)
Money power quick, perico powder drip
Do you foul, culture power click like a money counter what I've seen
I could pop up kinda shit you counter-flip (Yo!)

Al.divino & Estee Nack – ABUNDANCE

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