Genre Pop


Yeah she is perfect but she doesn't realise I love her
If she does she stays undercover
Unrequited love with mixed messages
But for your sake I don't mind things staying like this
I wish more people like you could exist
Carefree in an ever growing state of bliss
What am I doing i've been acting like a stupid child
Cos I spend all day thinking about that

I need to make sure I'm not
Of my bulls**** I hope you don't grow
To you I am everything but a liar
And you are everything but interested back
Do I keep doing this to myself
Know I should move on to someone else
All of the stars in our eyes align
And I don't think i'll ever find that in another smile
When she sends me a text my heart goes
Thump thump
I don't wanna pretend I'm a ghost
Danny Phantom a translucent abode
See through each other but we're not in the same boat

To be a pest in the garden of youth
I am a bug and in love with you
Too many friends turn to enemies
It's hard to act knowing they never wanna see me

I need a sec to take a breath
Sickness gotta clear my head
I could blush my face would be so red
I just wanna look at you
I don't mind the wrinkles forming on your cheeks
As long as you're happy that's all i'll ever
When I go to sleep I am awake in our dream
Or maybe really we both wanna live differently

Yeah she is perfect but she doesn't realise I love her
I don't know what's gotten into me but all I'm sure of
Is I think I would do anything to see you smile

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