Akeem Ali – The Mack
Genre Rap

The Mack

IntroNarrator + [Keemy Casanova

The Mack
He's a bad motherfucker
And to all you jive turkeys out there
Who wants to fuck with The Mack
I suggest you not not
[The pimp, the playa, the pro] Right on
[How could I be all of these and still break a hoe
[The pimp, the playa, the pro
[Cause if you ain't either one of them, you still ain't have no dough]

VerseKeemy Casanova

Look, I'm pimp tight and know what I bitch like
I invite her over just to put some dick in her wind pipe
The simp life is something I complain about day and night
Cause my bitches would prolly get out of line if I didn't
I tell a hoe to jump and she ask for a trampoline
Been pimpin' ages, I was mackin' Mary Magdalene
Look, I got more hoes than the world got people
And I c

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