Genre Pop


& I came here just for U
You're unapologetic that's true
& I came here just for U
& I cam here just for...

Holding myself back on the dancefloor like that
Don't think I was ready just to end it like that
Hope U don't like anyone like that
Oh I like you just the same yeah I like U like that [like that]

Don't take this the wrong way
I'm going my own way
I don't wanna make yet another mistake
When U saw me at the party did U even say goodbye
Fuck it I got no more tears left to cry
Lipgloss on your neck [Let's go!]

Baby I'm feeling lonely
Need U to kiss me slowly
Friday Night I found you
Just give me some time to
Start up the GTR
Gin & tonics in the car
In the club we looking good
Your black opium perfume
G-Got me floating on a wave it's Friday Night I'm feeling me
P-Pumping up like creatine & I'm the light of the party
Lick the plate I'm running late
Dip it dip can't feel my face
DM's flooded [that's insane
OMG the pressure reigns

Lipgloss on your neck
& I came here just for U
You're unapologetic that's true
So unapologetic that's true

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