Afterglow – Nothing to Lose
Genre Rock

Nothing to Lose

Conformity is king, consumerism queen
You are married to your posessions
Self-absorbed bubble, shrink-wrapped to fit
Self disgust is still self obsession

Before chorus

Yes, you are a number
No, you're nothing special
Everything you've learned is bullshit
Because money is power, and power buys redemption!

So you think that you're alternative?
Bragging about your opened mind..
But you're force-fed sugar-coated, information every day of your fucking lives!


Who's gonna lose the most?
Who's gonna suffer when it all goes wrong?
If the poor have power it's the power to choose
If you're born with nothing, then you've nothing to lose, yeah!

Verse 2

Militant shit, do ya, do ya know Che Guevara's dead?
Revolutions make good cappucinno chat
Look at the label, tell me what it says to you
Does it tell you that you're living in the land of the fat?

Repeat Before chorus and Chorus

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