Afterglow – Ghosts (in my head)

Ghosts (in my head)

Intro Monologue

There are some nights where the world is tearing me apart
And I've lost everything
But there are other night where...
I want to tear the world apart
And make everyone else lose everything
Tonight's one of those nights


Give up to the voices [fuck, fuck
And I'm all out of choices [fuck, fuck
They're killing me with their vices [fuck, fuck
And their really steep prices [fuck, fuck
Shit, this might be a crisis [fuck, fuck
I'm feeling so priceless [fuck, fuck
And I've never been to these places [fuck, fuck
They tear me into pieces [fuck, fuck
Soon as they're done with Jesus [fuck, fuck
Just give me another reason [fuck, fuck
And I'll never see another season [fuck, fuck
And they leave me there bleeding [fuck, fuck
Follow them back, never leaving [fuck, fuck
Can't wait until I'm sleeping [fuck, fuck
This is exactly what they're meaning [fuck, fuck
They're the reason I'll stop breathing [fuck, fuck
Give up to my thinking [fuck, fuck
Sick of the demon that's always inside of me [fuck, fuck
He'll never leave and that's a guarantee [fuck, fuck]


Ghosts, in my head
Ghosts, in my head
Ghosts, in my head
Ghosts, in my head
Ghost, ghosts
Ghosts, in my head
Ghosts, in my head
Ghost, ghost
Ghost, ghost
Ghosts, in my head

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