Afterglow – Angel tears

Angel tears

Verse 1

I love you and I'll see you again sometime
Wanna make you smile for the rest of your life
I wanna see you sleep happily
Tired of you going to bed and being haunted by your dreams
I don’t wanna see you in pain ever again
One day I'll wake up, and see you sitting next to me
I'm not like anyone else you’ve ever met in your life
I'll protect you with my life and die for you if I have to


I wanna be there for you
Every night where you feel alone
I'll hold you close
And make you warm
I'll say its okay
And make you feel better inside
'cause I'm a good guy
I'll treat you that way

Verse 2

You're my baby so I’ll never mistreat you
I know its been a hard journey for you so far
I wanna make your life better now that I’m here
You'll be safe as long as you keep me close


I love you baby

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