A-F-R-O – I'm Different
Genre Rap

I'm Different

Verse 1

Another reason why I proceed to be in the need
You steadily boastin' the greed, well, I be coastin' with an MC and -
I been doin' what I'm lovin' ever since 11
Found the church inside music, and the microphone the reverend
The writing utensils usually strike a force
Intact remorse, as I tack down the black horse, I been -
Taught by my father, and all of my close friends
Instead - I put my head together and embed it
Takin' the steps toward the rest, retort it
I take a rest in my bed, as my head absorbs the
Atmosphere, attractin' the black and near
Endurin' the clear master feared, poke like pap smears
I'm past years, I'm -
Hearin' with heart, and clearly an artist
I'm nearly impossible to intimidate and hostage
Most of all of this is nonsense
See me as a regular, a youngster on the rebound
Hangin' on the rim, while I be changin' into sin


I'm different, I'm different
Nigga better recognize the change-up - hah!
I'm different
Nigga better recognize the change-up - hah!
I'm different
Motherfucker better recognize the change-up - hah!
My nigga, I'm different
[Oh my god, did you hear his change-up?]

Verse 2

So, stay focused on the subject matter
Must connect the pattern of my life, shatterin' travesty
My imagery is really healthy for your kids to listen to
I make instrumental comfortable, lyrics that jump at you
Eruptin' any subject, any balanced fantasy

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