‘99 Paw Paw – Fly Kilo
Genre Rap

‘99 Paw Paw

What the world must see
Is for you and me to be one

January 20th

This like this
This like this like this
This right. This life. This like this like this
This like this like this
This right. This life. This like this like this!
This like this like this!
This right! This life! This like this like this!

12 hours & a black boat
‘99 ‘til I came through
Cold winter but the flame brew coffee
It’s Grandma yellin’ at my Papa pin the pain on Paw
And he out the water with a cry like-
Doves flying the sky line
Coming to find time?
I don’t know ‘bout the digits
But mama say L7 and I ain’t pushin’ the limit
It’s love
Love livin’ through a baby with buzz
That’s like a week up in the crib and then Keke go hit the visit
Then comma go get a bib and then cashy come with the cozy
Pastor come with the sermon
I gotta keep livin’ Holy
Holy like the homies on the house phone
Callin’ up God we ain’t never hear a dial tone

Pardon my poise
Pain in my noise
Still prayin’ Lil’ Shorty would fall in love with the boy
Brain stoppin’ and goin’ I make the most of my joy
She be there for my flowin’ And I’m just fillin’ a void
I been feelin’ “avoid”
I been duckin’ “complete”
Catchin’ caution I pray to Lord that my soul for the keep
Got me coughin’ cause most these people be thinkin’ I’m meek
Man I’m grounded in faith
Fall love like the leaf in yo lace

Dad cap to the back, black back boy!
Everybody talking ‘bout the rap-pack-tack boy
He be showin’ love like a smile when he rap boy
Thirsty for a pan man I’m not that boy
Cookin’ ina kitchen with this beat pack
Pocket flow three stacks
Rock n’ Roll heat track
Fireman steez that get clean when he whomp whomp whomp
Rain on they parade with that God flow comp. like Ay! Ay!

Better lives beyond a day led by love
An hour led by the realization that the power derives in a hug
And the pain releases in the lack of remorse
Knowin’ standin’ stagnant can still crinkle up chips or hopeful love
Hold the back of the painful as it drains and withers away
Tears land on the thread of the lover
As the lovey transitions from painful to blameful
Blame them for the blessing of the feelin’ of gratefulness and thankfulness and-
Thank you Mr
And thank you Ms.-
Mrs. Hug
Paw Paw comin’ with the phone call
I be at home dog
I be in the zone dog
Prayin’ for a blessin’ I be questionin’ the song dog



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