Preacher lyrics
(English Translation)

feat. Skid, Insibika

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September 29, 2023

Preacher lyrics
(English Translation)

Verse 1: Skid
Natural born preacher
The words I call us I didn't come as a question Mere asks and is answered I'm like a symbol of blessing that ascends The poor get the most There is no time to be confused I'm not a rapper I've what you want I don't give a damn You can see at some
You don't understand me at all There are no
I'm surrounded by some enemies who think of me Enemies who've been enemies for a long time are those who attacked the water There is no love for you when you're still low What do they like about you when they see you as others? He hunts across the land Even on water It's the marine that takes some of the crime Black them once and make them crazy The truth is that it's a bad thing I bring a change in what's being said Don't live with those flow owners who're black people That in the run I was talking in poetry I shout hello Germany will be there I'm indestructible I'm still fighting I'm on tour I'm looking for a shed They are waiting for the harvest So that the dough can be poured The time is now Working on myself
And working on my craft I'm a slave to time The clock and I don't make eye contact Money for the mind
To the soul I give a kiss Steady on the grind
Pockets are on the chest A pen that holds itself as a weapon I don't think I'm really strong Kama soldier give his relatives I'm too gangsta for that shit I'm not your relatives I'm a basic hero What was mine was rejected Want to smoke outside? DND you talk like an owner
Verse 2: Kellz
Can't be denied like Moses I part emcees ('em seas)
Yo this pen as my rod
I'll navigate uncharted seas Cross this river of denial Over horizons I can see Are the 2nines gonna make it
Boy, that's a guarantee Look
I pray this moment is never short lived I sit and ponder hoping clarity is what I'm blessed with I'm trynna flirt with life make that bitch advances
I swear to outlive my peers in time I'll be greater than you'
Piece by piece
I'm trying to master the puzzle Till I feel at ease and I leap over personal hurdles The end result in mind transcending the realms of time Praying that you don't forget me in this life on9s
It's quite a reoccurring theme Making order out of chaos Trynna drown all the screams Yeah my spirits underwater
And my chakras out of sync Quite peculiar I've been strange
Ever since I was a jit Bitch!
So better tap in to the tunes I'd to change my approach This is a renegade's views We're shooting for the stars You know how real niggas do 2Nine
Big 7 to the moon

Verse 3: Insibika
I'd also include a white one The dawn hasn't even dawned That's right Nights and evenings I'm not the only one with 99 tips Percent I've one tip 00
I've written hundreds of songs with this beat I just trust the one who bought it I told the young people about the bodies Only their souls grow up They don't give birth if they give birth Success won't be sweet for us cousin I weigh my head and shave Look at the current bad behavior of the spirits It would be fine We say Hallelujah to them As a preacher, we're blessed by heaven They sell us like we don't have eyes That's right, I didn't change it I'll turn you into living flesh Even during the harvest I belong to the rain and fire in the Hindu rain Good luck first and live your dreams And limping Even if you don't have any injuries you'll get
You will be blessed hallelujah dah
You will love to go to the top As if your first name is Ja(h)
I'm not afraid to rap as bad as you Being hungry Eat the flavor hidden in these words Even though I don't draw the letters correctly That's about an inch I'll Always Be Young Donatello
Michael Angelo

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99 Gang – Preacher (English Translation)

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