98s – 3Flow
Genre Drill, Rap, Uk, Uk Drill, Uk Rap


Feat. KO, AlChubbino, Jimmy

Verse 1Jimmy

Look, I did trap 'till I sweat
Stay silent in the feds
I've never told on a friend
I've had late night steps, and
I ain't no pussy
Man say tings with my chest
Man could never disrespect
Or have 98's on your neck
Hot summer's day
White airs, white vests
Gotta keep the suttin' close
Especially in the vents, and
Baby girl depressed cah
I ain't send no text
Me and are taggin'
This box, into Zs
I could smell success
Bet this lifestyle's ments
'Cause I could be suttin' cool
With both hands on my hеad
One foot in the mud
You can't prosper with no guts
I had to hit a plugs
Likе "Big man give it up"

Verse 2AlChubbino

Told her she could kip tonight
She just wanna sit tonight
Slept with a cannon on me, 365
She don't even know it yet
Slept with a loaded mash
I can't even tell her
'Cause I like her, she can't hold a rat
Jakes keep taggin' me
They still think I'm baggin' P
I'm in the gym with Jimmy
Burn the weed, the calories
Don't know what the talk's about
A month in they call me out
Took a little break, I never left
We call that crawlin' out
My nigga's in the studio, don't draw him out
Hoes in clothes when you draw him out
Summertime, poker on me
Careful when you break your back
I can't even roll in peace
I'm too hot to take a nap
Rid out, made the neighbours chat

Verse 3KO

I could let it go, and you'd never know
'Cause I never tell
Feds they sniffin' for a smell
And I don't wanna set in jail
Grab this wap and fit in bells
Or bag a track and let it sell
I'm a man without the gang
I'll always stand up for myself
I've got this plan up in my hands
I'm hopin' that it all goes well
Slanged it to the cats
They bring in dough and gettin' belch
Kept the cats happy
They feelin' for it, for real
Moved hard, two dark
That's a Keenan and a Kel
Made prof', two light
That's a Drake and that's a Josh
Gauge pops, two times
Pellets spray, hope someone drops
Gotta pay it, change to keep the suttin's locked
Gotta pave a way, try doin' suttin' for the block
I'm just doin' me, ain't tryna be someone I'm not
WOn't leave an opp strip empty, at least runnin' for the cops
Skeet, don't freeze, Dezzie ain't takin' any stops
My Gs still in streets, slide, try get someone shot

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