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June 3, 2023


Not every- everyb- not everybody- okay, listen
Not everybody should just make music
Not everybody should post their music
Not everybody should try to make music, you know?
Because, some people - they can rap
But they can't figure out how to mix their own shit, or how to make their own beats, and that's nothing wrong with that
But you steal beats, like a fucking idiot, like a dumbass
You don't give anybody credit
What the fuck are you providing for anybody in the underground, right?
You're just a little fucking nuisancе taking everybody's shit
Nah, bruh

Imagine your daughtеrs turn on a DNA song
And hear you rappin' about rapin' on your baby mom
Experimental Sex, you just have rape fantasies
But lord forbid somebody ask about it, it's a shame to see
Somebody that I idolized since maybe about UC3
Can't make a decent song, and every song he makes got stolen beats
Purchase your tracks today, bitch, our shit is not free
You been jackin' shit since '15, 'member Nightbreed?
Da Menace got snubbed all because of DNA
All because K-Fix's dick was the one you glazed
You a fan of everybody, for yourself, bitch, you the biggest
Narcissistic triflin' bitch, never listened to your critics
Put him inside a box and send him through the river floatin' with it
Lookin' at you, motherfucker, best believe you best go with it
If you really want to get it, I can give you plenty minutes
Takin' the gun from my hip on my side, and like a mouse - I double click it
Tired of your shitty ass music and your antics
Maybe you'll actually try to write a verse that I can stand
If you try, you die, these bullets fly just like Afghanistan, bitch
Lightspeed Chopper 3 your last good song, I do not understand it
Bitch, you rappin' for how many years? Have you even touched FL?
All your shit sounds amateur as fuck, I mean, it's trash as hell
You might as well record your shit from cellular mics you'll find in jail
Pumpin' out some shitty mixtapes no one buys, they never sell
You broke as fuck, employer of the month at Dollar General
That's why you never buy the beats you use, that shit straight criminal
So bring your heat, write a verse
I'm draggin' your lifeless corpse all through the dirt
Like Kyrie Irving, before I'ma shoot
I'ma switch through my hands, when I come in and swerve
DNA is made up: A, G, T, C
Which pairs respectively like A & T, and G & C
But maybe you should pair like David G makes his own beats
Since he can't afford shit, like, where the fuck is your lease?
At least give credit, well, did he? 'Course he didn't
Thievin' little Eminem wanna-be, no shit
Maybe if I piss you off enough you'll stop bein' a whole bitch
Man up and hold your nuts, and serve my ass a lil shitty diss
'Cause Rebel already put your name on his hit list
And marked it out with red pen, so what am I endin'?
A career of a dirty desperate Fortnite YouTuber
A failed rapper who did not make it throughout all his maneuvers
Chopper song, posse track, stealing features, being wack
Throughout your whole career, your goal was to become black

Outro: 919SLUM & Samples of DNA Tru Lyricist
Y'all, listen to this shit
DNA, what you say?
Roll the tape
Listen, 'cause this shit is great
(Nigga, nigga, nigga)
Aye, he said it, yeah
What the fuck did you think he would say? Of course he did
Fuckin' loser, like, listen- like, this is what he does every day
While playin' Fortnite, when he gets mad - that's what he says, aye
(And then his- his @, his YouTube name is "Sprite's a nigga")
Not to mention he just doesn't care, guys
He does not care about SPS, guys, he just doesn't give a fuck
(You're weird as fuck!) He doesn't care
Then he makes three songs about being a fast rapper, and then complains on the third one about people calling him a fast rapper and measuring how fast of a rapper he is
Do you- do you even think? You dumb fuckin' white trash hillbilly cousin-fucker from Texas, like
Get back on the cocaine, maybe you'll think better, you fuckin' idiot
Fuck you, fuck you for jackin' beats, you lil' piece of shit
Send back, pussy


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