888 Awakening – The Journey Part One
Genre Rap

The Journey Part One

The Journey Part One lyrics

I told you
Get rich or die trying
And I mean that
This is me
Thank You

Verse 1:
Sittin here wondering, should I freestyle or write my thoughts down on a piece of paper
I know niggas that married the streets for better or for worse
Haven’t been in church mentally, since my nana was in that hearse
And it hurts sometimes, to see your friends switch
Either cuz of money, or somebody was fucking with a bitch
That he was fucking with
The world is crazy, rich is fighting with the poor
A shame you can’t even worship in peace
Because your country’s at war
So if you ask who I am, I’ll tell you
I’m jus a Nigga, that’s trying to maneuvеr through the ghetto
I’m feeling like Job In thе Bible
I’m praying for everybody and giving them songs full of knowledge
Where I’m from, it’s all about survival
Vital information, coming to a hood near you
I see through your man jewelry
Instead of rap dissing
Let’s start a revolution
I’m sick of these rap niggas, dissin dead homies for some gratification
And I hate it, I shake my head every time I fuckin hear it
I’m tryin to duck the influence of crips and pirus
You can’t run once them guns is aimed at you
My pops told me to stay quiet, and just go to class
Cuz if you try to fake the funk, the streets will get yo ass
Nigga dying, muthafuck a rap verse
Niggas beefing over turfs
Niggas dying, and you rappers lying on your dead homies
Just cuz you curse in every sentence doesn’t make you real
Unless you saying something, that every muthafucka could feel Nigga
Oh my God
Oh my God
Oh my God, it’s kinda scary ain’t it?
You niggas acting like bitches just to get famous
I’m ducking the pandemic, I’m ducking the central book-ins
Never will I surrender, to this whack society
It’s kinda scary ain’t it?
The responsibility of writing lyrics that can lead a nation or a generation
Life is ruthless, you had tuck your gun in, in your robe
At your graduation
I swear to God, y’all just don’t know Jeremiah
I swear to God, I’m bout to set the world on fire
A little blood on my hands, is nothing compared to them thirteen years, I spent scared under my covers
Yea it’s real nigga, I became a solider, when I lost my patna
You can’t be flexing a necklace, cuz them goons is watching ya
Yea it’s real
I dropped AmeriKKKa’z Worst, cuz you said I didn’t try for you
Who loves you, Like I Love you?
Secret society, got they eye on me
And if they catch me
Would you riot for me?
Them uppity bitches, fucking up my vision
4 albums back to back, back to back
Oh my God, I’m putting the industry on an ice pack
I swear to God, y’all just don’t know Jeremiah
I swear To God, I’m forcing you niggas to retire
Look inside of my eyes, I can’t seem to find a piece of Mind
The young mastermind, hittin this shit with precision
Never missing, spittin till I hit the floor and

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