6icko – Lil gun rack
Genre Rap


Shoutout devin white
He the one who put me on

Yall thought lil gun rack wasn't drill
But with my skill i paid the bills
Droppin fire
Straight mc for hire
Things so simple in my dreams
Sitting in bed eating devil cremes
These rhymes are simple
I just popped a pimple
Imma hit it and quit it
Grabbed that cake, i bit it
Yous a witch call you blair
I need all these problems outta my hair
Last week i couldn’t pay my bus faire
A rapper like me is rare
Dont mess with me please dont dare
Give you a scare
My dog died so i shed some tears
Last week i had to face my fears
But on a real note im drinking some beers
My raps all yo girl hears
Stuck in these mirrors
These rappers wanna be me
Treat my girl like cbreezy
But i still spit like weezy
Going sicko mode
So many ideas my brain might explode
I dont memorize my lyrics
In the country like a hick
I have a friend named nick
Im boolin on the block
Always keep my Glock cocked
You mess around get rocked
And socked
My music was mocked
Now im making it to the top
Like fetty wap
Grind dont stop
I dont like no cop
Boy you is an opp
This songs a bop
Dropping this in the morning
My cat died i was in mourning
Livin in fear of hells flame
I dont want ur girl come claim
Societal issues is what i gotta blame
We teaching our children that sex isnt a big deal
God ate bread as his last meal
Biden isnt even that bad
But trump winning made me sad
Kanye is a lad
Tryna show my followers that pre marital sex is no good atleast in gods hood
Give respect to jesus
Praise him as your lord and savior
Clays on his best behavior
Shoutout god

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