600Breezy – Stay Dangerous

Stay Dangerous


[Goddamn, Timate
Yeah, nigga
Grr, grr, grr, bop
Gang shit, man, they already comin', big Breezo, man
Only thing like this, I'ma talk my shit, nigga, uh
Bop, bop, bop


Bitch, I am the trenches, huh
Like bad bitches on the strip we walk around with switches, huh
Didn't you get shot in your shit? You still makin' disses
Dutch home, that nigga thirsty, he gon' stand on business, huh
And I don't gotta tuck it, bodies drop, they change the subject
Blick in public, bitches run and screamin' like LeToya Luckett, huh
Eatin' pussy the on the camera, that was me, fuck it, huh
I'm down with bitches and the hoes like I'm Bill Gluckman
Bitch, huh, yeah, huh, they gangbangin' shit
Lollygaggin' by them stores, you get your amiss hit, huh
That mean your granny shot, huh
Blast 'nеm flippin' blocks, we came with Glocks
Investеd in some stocks but I'm still sellin' ah, nigga, huh
And I don't need a feature
Puffin' reefer, sippin' purple lean, nah, this ain't sangria, huh
I'm in a damn cheetah, huh, that's a Hellcat, huh
Since we couldn't get him, on they ass since they got mails back, huh
I send them bails back, huh, this ain't a damn rap
I still trap, your cap get peeled back, how you ain't feel that? Huh
The real drill back, huh, niggas real rats, huh
Sat in that station and you told, I can't feel that, huh, nigga
Huh, that one nigga back, huh
Brick, Dooski, Scrapp, we smoke a lot of that, huh
Mental institution, huh, niggas know I'm stupid, huh
Jumpin' out of whips, we shootin', stick a bitch like Cupid, huh
TB and Poopy, huh, these woods be gettin' to me
Glizzies fully, Breezo back on bully, ain't gon' do nothin' to me, huh
And all the opps dead, huh, the rest, they put up, huh
We got these bitches scared, tell our opps to pull up, nigga


Yeah, nigga
They already know how I'm comin', man, gang shit, man
No niggas ain't outside or none of that, niggas are really fucked up out here
Lemme stop all that rappin' shit, nigga, gang shit, nigga

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