49 Winchester – Butterfly
Genre Country


All my friends, they've dropped like flies
And I'm all alone now
And I've got this funny feelin' behind my eyes
And I just don't know how to take
Yeah, all this pain
Oh, so I don't wanna feel
Oh, at all, ooo-oh, anymore

You come around and I feel you there
And I can't get close enough
Your broken smile and your raven hair
The days are gettin' long
Time moves by, oh it moves so slow
The months are all the same
Days go by, where do they go
And I hear your name now
And all I see is your empty eyes
And your so
So far away
So far away
So far away
So far away

Hello dеar where have you been
Comе in the dark but went back again
Oh, You're not the same as you once were
Sayin' this, oh you know it hurts me
Oh it hurts me, oh it hurts
Me, you know it does

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