365 Days – Lil Mama Aisha
Genre Pop

365 Days

365 days a year
I want you between my legs
7 days a week
Penatrate me like you said
I don't like to be kept waiting
I’m on all four
I gotta beg
You said you don't like it
Gotta call you craig, you ain't gotta lie
You say what you want
You bust more then i do
The way you struggle to hold on is true
Make you weak till you k.o
Boy you knew
What you was walking into
Told you i was going to ride you like a horse
Giddy up
You know how i love to ride
Spell my name with my hips
Make you hit it inside
Can’t decide how you wanna kept going
You know you belong to me
That anaconda is mines
Doubt you can keep up with me
My stamina is dangerous
Treat you like a car, i can show you how i drive
I came ovеr to netflix and chill
But the tv asking us if we'rе still here
Cause we busy making our own thrill
Trying to film shit isn't part of our chill
If i had a dollar every time we did it
I'd be sitting on a mill
Better watch your back
Cause it's going to get bent
Too much of a freak
For you to accept me as your wife
Gotta say i'm your god
Cause this sex is too good to give up on your life
Too simple
For us to love
We were obsessed
The pleasure is too nice
Taste the spice
Because i love to feel your ice
This sex has a price
I want you for life
Hard to cut our bond
Even with a knife
Cause during these 365 days
He's enjoying the pussy from his wife

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