2x – Levigne
Genre Rap


Verse 1

Profligate debacle, reckless thoughts to bend apostle of obnoxious
Burdened with a noxious blender bottle
Not a mix of love and hatred, but a loss of engine throttle
Crash and burn upon the sidewalk, watch them gawk within their model X
Rotten mechs, topics wash up in a bottle
Open, read, close, not effective - all unoptimal
Shock, electric shop of know, stop and roll
So impossible
Watch me as I skim through Ronald's parking lot to stop a bull from trampling
With clenched mandibles that ground calcium to fossils
Sacrificial creed, bleed, half habitual heed
Other half, a pictured plead sent to foundries of monsters
Awful, exposed Tennants to a thousand brothels
Ancestors glance with disdain over nachos and tacos
Full torque, quarter strength hostile and a
Negatively charged burner jostle, pop, blow

Verse 2

The stars created to align my path have blinked out more than twice
The twinkled sight devoid of life with no ambition but loads of strife
So interjections burned inside with isolation-turned-to-ice
That melts and drips into an pit of insolence, avoiding light
Without a diagnosed condition, missions coil like volted knives
Determined ruthlessly to plunge themself inside of folded blinds
But can't admit that what remains within the big and bolded "Fight"
Was null but disappearing wisdom merged with some sub-molted vice
I hold it tight, can't maintain a grasp on golden rice
Which inadvertently determines whether I could hold a site
Or watch it slip between my fingers like I had some stolen right
And only purposely confused myself with wanting older blights
In molded pipes that leak endlessly, the echo'd drops belight
Abandoned caverns of remembrance they used to warm the night
The coldest souls, abused and tempered with, return from hopeless, rife
And saddening murder at the sermon, throwing fits like poltergeists

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