2nite – ItsYaBoiH2
Genre Pop


Verse 1
I suspect that you think
That we connect on a brother level
Like we all stuck in the same stage
And ain't another level
So there’s no way to say
How you'll react
When I cut the treble
Cause talk is cheap
And actions speak a lot louder
Ya'll keep me ticked off
Hour after hour
I take shots and cowards they just scour
Every different direction
Still searching for some refuge
Clearly they don’t hеar me
Looking stupid like some dеaf dudes
Sad when ya talents best used
To contest to
All of the rest who
Think they can eject you
Or bumrush ya stage
And blatantly disrespect you
Better cut the jets cause
Guts I got a chest full
To straight impale a hater
If it make the point get through
Rap is now a cesspool
Everybody's successful
So you can see how being me
Can be a bit stressful
Your less school and more recess
Time to distress you oooh/
Have you ever danced
With the devil
In the pale moonlight
Have you ever? have you ever?
Have you ever done a whole lotta
Wrong when
All you was trying to do was do right
Have you ever? have you ever?
Well not tonight
Nah nah nah not tonight
Calm down bitch
Ya too hype
Nah nah nah not tonight/

Verse 2
I got a whole lotta talents
And not a one of them balanced
Yeah you done took on a challenge
Call it the battle of the bands
I rock out with my cock out
Ya chick straddle my stand
She never drop her hands
Can't say the same for her pants
Now that's a hell of a fan
I show gotta cast her
Feel the drums going faster
Yeah my flow is a disaster
After that I have to massacre
Everything in my path
Beat 'em down like Sugar Ray
While leaving my Mark McGrath
Scars all on ya ass
An autograph that'll last
Keep bringing me these beats
And there's not a one I'ma pass
If I got a gun I’ma blast
I gotta come at ’em fast
I'm cannibalistic with it
Eat all of them in my class
Can’t leave a bit of the meat
And pick my teeth with the bone
Yeah you invited me in
So ain't no sending me home
So what you getting is grown
And shown split from the seed
If you think that you in ya zone
Then you ain't ready for me, come on!/

Verse 3
My new routine is a fast break
Wash it down with a surge
So it's quenching my thirst
While it’s got me ready to purge
I was ready to go to hell
The second I hit the earth
Cause I don't hold back shit
A punch is never reserved
There ain't a blow around here
Low enough
I'm punting a smurf
Hunting absurd words to merge
And tighten the curve
I'm fighting in a higher weight class
I like when it hurts
So if you trying H ass
You best come ready to serve
And i'ma show you how a dick
Can really get on your nerves
Til I straight come in ya bloodstream
I'm ya teenagers wet dream
And the brand spanking new reason
Ya hoe follow the rap scene
After I slapped my logo
On both of her ass cheeks
Asking me to smash
Now she has to fiend
Like caffeine
While I got all these other
Rappers sweating and scratching
They're trap queens
And that kinda pressure
Got 'em all cracking
So get to packing
Cause you bitches
Can't move a damn thing-nah!/

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